Online Study Guides

No matter what year in school, there’s studying to be done, and the Internet can help. Check out this list of some great, mostly free study guides and test preparation sites, and pick up some general tips on how to improve study habits.

SparkNotes — Free study guides organized by the classic subjects for high school students. It has a test preparation section for the SAT II, ACT and AP that includes practice tests for each.

BookRags — Free study guides in many subjects, specializing in Science, Literature, and History. Each subject leads to an alphabetized list of topics. Most of the topics are introductions and lead to subscription material. BookRags features an online essay editing service (fee required) and free articles on better essay writing.

Pink Monkey — Literary summaries. PinkMonkey is a “G” rated resource for middle and high school students. The PDF and RTF versions of the summaries require payment. Don’t overlook the sections on ‘Parent tips’ and ‘Study smart’.

Test prep

Quiz Hub — Free online quizzes, by grade level, in many categories and subjects.

Test Prep Review — Free practice for scores of tests. SAT, ACT, LSAT, GRE are included.

Study tips

General learning and studying resources — Although this site from the University of Guelph is for college students, it should be useful for everyone.

Learning Strategies — Another resource for college students that will work for everyone. See what you can use from the sections on how to read your textbook and how to take notes.

How to Study — This site covers the same material as the previous one, but the cartoons are much better.

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