MWW Policy Documents

Mensa of Western Washington is subject to the constitution of Mensa, the bylaws of American Mensa, Ltd., and resolutions adopted by the American Mensa Committee (AMC). In addition, we are governed by the local MWW bylaws written and approved by the MWW Steering Committee, American Mensa, and a vote of the MWW members. In addition, MWW is subject to Standing Orders or Actions Still in Effect (ASIEs), which need only the approval of the SteerCom.

The Local Group Charter codifies the relationship between the Local Group and American Mensa Ltd., establishing rights and responsibilities of each entity.

Below you will find links to the MWW bylaws, ASIEs, and MWW Charter. After opening the link members will need to log in to view the content.

Bylaws of Mensa of Western Washington

MWW bylaws consist of the following: Name and purpose, Membership, Officers and duties, Meetings, Elections, Amendments, Parliamentary procedures and rules of order.

The latest version of our bylaws went into effect on November 4, 2013.

To download a pdf file containing the bylaws, open this link MWW Bylaws.

In this latest version, the local Bylaws Committee revised the format and rewrote several sections to reflect the way we do things differently — such as having officers take office in April rather than January — and, they changed the titles of the following offices:

  • Local Secretary (LocSec) was changed to President.
  • 1st Vice-Secretary was changed to 1st Vice-President
  • 2nd Vice-Secretary was changed to 2nd Vice-President

 Actions Still in Effect (ASIEs)

The MWW list of ASIEs is maintained to keep it current by adding newly adopted actions and removing ASIEs that have been superseded or rendered obsolete. To download a pdf file containing our current list, open this link MWW ASIEs.

MWW Charter

To download a pdf file containing the Charter of Mensa of Western Washington, open this link MWW Charter.