Monthly Gathering – September `23

Hannah Werme headshot

Intelligence as Depicted in Pop Culture: The Good, the Bad, the Really Bad, and the Ugly Truths.

Although she originally joined Mensa in her native New Hampshire, presenter Hannah Werme has happily called Seattle home, for a few years now. She spends weekdays working in tech support, but in her more glamorous role, hosts “the biggest Trivia in West Seattle,” Tuesday nights at the Admiral Pub. This lady grew up loving the book series, “Animorphs,” for children, but her podcast series about it is very much for adults, and wonderfully nerdy. 

Join us at 6:30 pm on Saturday, September 16th to enjoy an engaging presentation on how intelligence, and very intelligent people, have been portrayed in media. Hannah has found this a fascinating topic, and you will, too! (Presentation begins at 7pm)

Western Washington Mensa’s monthly gatherings are held on the Third Saturday of the month and open to the public. Gatherings held on odd-numbered months are held on Zoom and even-numbered months are in person.