Monthly Gathering – February `24

We invite you to attend our next Monthly Gathering on Saturday, February 17 @ 3:00 pm at the Phinney Center, 6532 Phinney Ave N, Seattle, WA  98103

What You Might Not Know About Mensa

Have you met Tacoma member, Lori Norris? She likely knows as much as anyone can about American Mensa. You see, she happens to be our National Chair!  

Since joining in 1990, at the local level, she’s been a Proctor, a Testing Coordinator, an Editor, a Scholarship Chair, a Membership Officer, a Regional Gathering Hospitality Chair, (many times), and  a Chapter President. For 25 years, Lori’s attended an average of 8 Regional Gatherings, every year. Nationally, she’s served on, and chaired numerous committees, which has included organizing two Annual Gatherings, at which she also chaired hospitality. On our national board, she’s served as a Regional Vice Chair, Secretary, and First Vice Chair, before coordinating the whole organization of over 140,000 members. Also, internationally Lori  has represented American Mensa since 2016, and now serves on the Mensa International Executive Committee. (Goodness, that’s a lot!)

Whether you’ve recently joined, are Mensa curious or if you haver been a Mensan for decades, come meet Lori, and learn “What You Might Not Know About Mensa!”

(And, in case you missed it, the Meeting will be preceded by a Mensa admissions testing session, at noon.)

Mensa of Western Washington’s monthly gatherings are held on the Third Saturday of the month and open to the public. Generally, gatherings held on even-numbered months are held on Zoom and odd-numbered months are in person.