Executive Committee

PresidentBrent Lawsonlocsec@westernwashington.us.mensa.org
1st Vice PresidentMark Skarasstlocsec@westernwashington.us.mensa.org
2nd Vice PresidentTracey Guiceasstlocsec@westernwashington.us.mensa.org
TreasurerCathyRaye Hylandtreasurer@westernwashington.us.mensa.org
Recording SecretaryFelice Nightengalerecsecretary@westernwashington.us.mensa.org
The members of executive committee are the elected officers of Mensa of Western Washington. The Steering Committee (Steercomm) is composed of the members of the Executive Committee, and the Appointed Officers listed below.

Appointed Officers

First Member at LargeMark GlanceyMark@LiteGray.com
Second Member at LargeHope Speakerthehopespeaker@gmail.com
Third Member at LargeEd Ledgereledger@gmail.com

Chairs and Volunteers

GenX CoordinatorTracey Guice
GenY CoordinatorTracey Guice
Gifted YouthCathyRaye Hyland
Membership ChairCathyRaye Hyland
Program ChairLarissa Simone
Publicity ChairFelice Nightengale
Scholarship ChairMichelle Rakshys
SIGHTMary Prior
Testing CoordinatorTracey Guice
OmbudsmanSusan Beecher
For contact information and additional local volunteers, please see our chapter profile or the last page of our ToteMs monthly newsletter.