RG Policies

As of November 2022, Emerald City RG is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all attendees. Masks are optional. These requirements are subject to change as the public health conditions change in Washington.

Attendees may request registration changes through February 12, 2023, after which point a 10% processing fee per item will be charged. Tickets are unable to be cancelled as of March 1, 2023, but may be transferrred using the transfer form which is available on request. A transfer fee may apply.

RG Code of Conduct

(Mensa of Western Washingtion Actions Still in Effect)

Mensa of Western Washington (“MWW”) has an obligation to protect attendees at its Regional Gathering from predation, harassment, and intimidation.

Accordingly, personal attacks or harassment are not permitted. This includes touching another event attendee or member of the hotel staff without permission. Personal attacks and harassment shall be deemed to be such if they would offend a reasonable person, or disturb the sense of dignity of a reasonable person. It shall not be a defense that the remarks were meant in jest, or the touching was well intentioned, if the offended party communicates in a manner that would be clear to a reasonable person that the jests or touching are unwelcome, and the offensive remarks or touching are not immediately stopped.

Illegal, destructive, or hazardous conduct is also not permitted.

Complaints regarding violations of this code of conduct from either the person being harmed, or from bystanders witnessing offensive behavior, should be made to the Regional Gathering Chair or Hotel staff. You share in the responsibility of enforcing this code of conduct.

The Regional Gathering Chair reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time without refund for violation of the foregoing, and may assign this right to any of his or her fellow Regional Gathering committee members.

Regional Gathering attendees are also bound by the rules of the hotel and all applicable laws.

Penalties will range from warnings and temporary or permanent removal from the Regional Gathering up to such other penalties as may be available through the local, regional and national bylaws, and Washington State and Federal law.