Monthly Gathering – June `24

We invite you to attend our next Monthly Gathering on Saturday, June 15th @ 2 pm

Let’s Walk Together!

Meet at 7-Eleven store parking lot: 2429 Harbor Ave SW, Seattle, WA at 2 pm
Text RSVP (415) 226-6662

Our June activity is a 5k walk along Alki Beach in West Seattle. (That’s a smidge over 3 miles.) This path has been laid out by dedicated Volkswalk-ers!* It’s the easiest sort there is, being flat and paved. So, strollers, wheelchairs, pets, (and even non-Mensans!) are all encouraged. After meeting up for route maps and a simple registration, we’ll drive to the nearby starting point.

*”Volkswalk?” Registration?

What began as the Volksmarsch movement of fitness walking, around 60 years ago, has evolved into “volkssport,” with many walks in Washington, and a few bicycle rides. All of these events are casual opportunities for non-competitive fitness and fun. Internationally, they include swimming, canoeing, snowshoeing and even cross-country skiing. Just in America, there are over 2,500 events annually. (That’s a lot of sports for a lot of “Volks!”) Many choose to have organizations record their participation, and you can do that at our walk for $4. Otherwise, it’s free.

RSVP to Program Chair, Larissa, and we’ll know to wait for you. (Text preferred.)

More Volkssport information at Evergreen State Volkssport Association.

Mensa of Western Washington’s monthly gatherings are held on the Third Saturday of the month and open to the public. Time and location will vary to make accommodations for speaker availability and member travel time.

Mensa Foundation Colloquium

Join us on July 2 in Kansas City or via livestream for the 2024 Mensa Foundation Annual Colloquium. This year’s topic, Giftedness Across the Lifespan: Giftedness in the Workplace, features a distinguished panel of advocates and expert researchers delving into the real experiences of gifted individuals in the workplace, providing valuable insights for both employees and employers.

More information

American Mensa Annual Gathering

Mensans don’t have conventions–we have gatherings. The Mensa Annual Gathering (AG) is the national U.S. Mensa convention held in a different city each year, typically spanning the July 4th weekend. A tradition since 1963, the Annual Gathering has grown from a two-day meet-and-greet at the New York Belmont to a sprawling and diverse collection of programs, talks, games and entertainment. These gatherings give Mensa members from all over the country an opportunity to meet new friends, catch up with longtime friends, eat, drink, play games, and enjoy speakers and presentations to “tweak” your mind. A good AG always has something that appeals to mind, body, and soul.