Mensa conventions are called gatherings. Our gatherings in the United States come in three flavors: Annual (AG), Regional (RG), and Monthly (MG).

Annual Gatherings

The Annual Gathering (AG) is the yearly national gathering for American Mensa. This event is always held in early July, and is in a different U.S. city each year. Since the first event in 1963, Annual Gatherings have brought Mensans together from around the country and around the world. Attendees enjoy presentations on a variety of subjects, area tours, 24-hour gaming, dining out with friends and much more. American Mensa also holds their annual business meeting at this event for members. The next Annual Gathering will be held from July 3rd to July 7th, 2024,  in Kansas City, MO.

Regional Gatherings

American Mensa comprises 10 regions, and each region is made up of several local groups. Mensa of Western Washington (MWW) is part of Region 8, also called the Pacific Intermountain region, which covers the northwest corner of the country. A Regional Gathering (RG) is actually the annual or biannual gathering of a local group. A true RG of all the local groups that fall within a designated American Mensa region does not exist, and not all local groups hold an RG.

Mensa of Western Washington hosted an online regional gathering in March 2021 and an in-person regional gathering in March 2023. The next regional gathering for our area is anticipated to be in Portland, Oregon in May 2025.

Monthly Gatherings

Our local Monthly Gathering (MG) is held on the third Saturday of each month. The MGs feature speakers on a variety of subjects and are open to the public. Past topics have included vegetarianism, the Mensa Foundation, music, and the possiblity of life on other planets. We alternate between an in-person and online format for ease of access. Check the calendar for the latest information.