Gifted Children Resource Center

These pages are devoted to gifted children in recognition of one of MWW’s goals: to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity through scholarships, gifted children’s programs, and other supportive activities.

Activities and Events

Activities and events for Gifted Children are open to all children, not just Mensans.  So, invite your friends. Everyone will need either a parent/guardian with them or a signed permission and release form.

Please check the calendar or the ToteMs newsletter for details about activities and events.

In addition to the information on our website, you can find general information relevant to gifted kids at

For Everyone

For Children & Youth

For Parents & Caregivers

Searches for gifted/talented children

Registration for these searches is now available.

The Washington Search for Young Scholars (WSYS) is a regional talent search for students in grades 5 through 8. The goal of the WSYS is to identify and serve the needs of Washington’s brightest young scholars. More information about available programs and qualification for admission is found on their programs page.

Johns Hopkins University Searches for Gifted Children. This fall, enroll your child in JHU’s talent search, for students in grades 2 – 8. Learn more about your child’s math and verbal reasoning abilities, and have them celebrated and recognized by a leading program for gifted young people. And, perhaps qualify for summer and online courses. Financial aid is available. Find out more, and apply online.

The links above are provided as informational resources and in no way indicate an endorsement of or any particular partnership with any organization. Mensa of Western Washington is not responsible for the content of any of the linked Web sites; this includes updates to or availability of linked sites and the accuracy, reliability or helpfulness of the information on these sites.

Thanks to the Seattle Times and The Olympian for permission to link to their material and for caring enough to collect and organize the information.

Member Support Fund

Mensa of Western Washington’s Member Support Fund Subcommittee, composed of the Treasurer and two other members appointed by the Steering Committee, accepts written applications confidentially from MWW members seeking assistance with payment of their annual American Mensa membership dues in whole or in part. Members are actively encouraged to donate to the Member Support Fund, and are informed that any contributions are not tax-deductible.

Applications are due annually by January 31, and applicants will be informed of the decision of the Member Support Fund Subcommittee by February 28. If awarded, applicant’s dues will be paid directly to American Mensa by the annual renewal deadline of March 31. Applicants should indicate in a short personal statement the reason for their need and their specific interest in volunteering for MWW (proctor, RG, etc.), and send by email to Decisions will be based on available budget for the Fund, applicant’s willingness to volunteer with MWW, and the applicant’s essay. Applicants are limited to three years of support from the Member Support Fund over their lifetime.

How to apply for a Mensa Scholarship

Go to the Scholarship Program page on the Mensa Foundation website and click the Submit Application button to fill out an application and submit it online.

The scholarship process begins September 15th and ends with the scholarship application deadline of January 15th. 

Please remember to follow the directions. Unfortunately, many applications are disqualified simply because the applicants did not follow the instructions.

Good luck!

Mensa Scholarship Program FAQ

When can I apply for a Foundation scholarship?

Applications for Foundation scholarships are only available during the fall of each year. In general, applications are available from Sept. 15 until Jan. 15, which is the application deadline.

Who can apply for a Foundation scholarship?

Students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who will be enrolled in accredited colleges for the following academic year may apply. Students must also live in the geographic area of a participating Local Group and may only apply to that Local Group.

What must I do to apply?

Applicants must fill out the application form and submit it with an essay describing their career, vocational or academic goals. Essays must be no longer than 550 words and must be submitted by the application deadline.

Where can I get an application form?

Go to the Scholarship Program page on the Mensa Foundation website and click the Submit Application button to fill out an application and submit it online.

Opportunities for Volunteers

Mensa of Western Washington is run by volunteers. If you like what you see, please help us keep it running. If you don’t like what you see, please give us your ideas on what you’d do differently and involve yourself in the process.

Have a look at the masthead in the current ToteMs newsletter. There are several vacant positions, and some of us are doing multiple jobs. Please see if any of the positions interest you, and let MWW President, Brent Lawson, know where you’d like to be involved.