More than 1,100 members enjoy the benefits of belonging to Mensa of Western Washington. As a local group of American Mensa, which in turn is a national member of International Mensa, we are a diverse bunch enjoying a wide range of interests and activities:

  • Literature and words
  • Music
  • Games
  • Computers
  • Outdoor sports
  • Business ventures
  • Psychology
  • Arts and crafts
  • Lifestyles
  • Science
  • Hobbies
  • Education

We hold a Monthly Gathering that is open to the public and provides a good place to meet some of our members.

Our big annual events include a picnic and a holiday party.

We occasionally host or co-host a Regional Gathering, and in 2011 we co-hosted the Annual Gathering, a national event, with Oregon Mensa.

Activities hosted by members in their homes are open only to MWW members and their invited guests. Some of our favorite special interest groups that that occur monthly and are restricted to members and their guests include several Games Nights, two Movie Nights, Science SIG, Dining Out SIG, various TGIFs, and WIGWAG (for members interested in getting out and about to interesting places and events in the region). And our Mensa women also enjoy the supportive Women’s Bathroom SIG (there’s an amusing story behind that name).

Our local demographics:

  • 24%: never married
  • 33.6%: first marriage
  • 17.2%: two or more marriages
  • 23.4%: unmarried after divorce
  • 45.2%: no children
  • 15.2%: one child
  • 19.6%: two children
  • 20%: three or more children
  • 29%: one or more graduate degrees
  • 23.8%: four-year college degree
  • 30.4%: no degree